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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Great Order from lovely family&friends!!

Almond London!!!!!First order from Nurul (NIA). This order was made yesterday for her daughter Iman. Memang last minute sbb biskut2 yang lain sume da siap tinggal nak hantar je..Tup2 Nurul order for another 50 pcs almond london..So, last night memang Ed bersengkang mata siapkan order nie..huhu : =(

Open for ordering : Almond London = RM 25/ 50pcs

Nie just a give for Iman. Nurul cakap Iman always ask her for this apam..so Ed just make it and give as a present for Iman.. Hopefully Iman will love it!Ed pakai blueberry filling (pakai yg mana ada jew)..hehehe.. Actually Ed tulis nama Iman as a deco..tapi silap pilih kaler sbb kuning ngn hijau mcm tak masuk sangat..So, seselum mkn Nurul Idura please susun yew?(NURUL DURRATUL IMAN nye nama!!)

This is the parcel yang Ed will pos this afternoon. So, Nurul just wait at your door!!!Nanti I msg track number k?i'm using poslaju!esok insya allah u will receive it!

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