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Monday, 17 October 2011


Alhamdulillah...hari Sabtu lepas 15 Oktober 2011 Zimma buat tempahan untuk chocolate cupcake (15pcs) in mini souffle cup. So Ed buat tempahan Zimma sekali gus dengan cuppies for my little Adam's birthday.. These are the pictures..

Ni la rupenya chocolate cuppies selepas keluar dari oven..Ready to be decorated!hehehe..kene bagi sejuk dulu baru bole touch up..

This is the clear and safety box untuk my cuppies..confirm cupcake akan selamat dalam box ni..hehehe kat sini la nnt cuppies akan diletakkan..

Haaaaaaaa...Tarraaaaaaaaaa.... order untik Zimma dah siap! Zimma tak specify kan macam mana deco yang dia nak..so Ed just pick the deco myself..Ed buat swirl and small stars in purple and pink colors with colored sprinkles and lurvy decos.. The price for Zimma is RM 28/15pcs.

Lastly...loads of thanks to Zimma for the great orders...hope she will satisfied!hehehe..~~LOL~~

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